Passion for New Orleans exploded in my psyche after the levee failure in 2005. The notion of losing New Orleans mobilized my feelings of loyalty and adoration. This newfound devotion, witnessing the horror and heroics of the flood, experiencing the hope and dispair of the "recovery" set off a burning desire to define what it is- WHAT makes our beloved city so magical. The allure of the city is inigmatic and subjective. For me it resides in dichotimies: joy/tragedy, criminal/hospitable, devout/hedonistic, arrogance/humility, apathetic/spontaneous, corrupt/generous, elegant/seedy,eccentric/mundane- one could go on and on. It is the fact that these dichotimies are not polarized that sets New Orleans apart. The blending of good and bad, beauty and horror, love and hate creat the magic potion in our "beloved bowl". My intention is not to invoke death or morbidity but rather I use the imagery of the skeleton as a representation of what we are BEYOND flesh and blood- our souls; our spirit; our character. I hope to touch a much deeper portrayal of our personas- far beyond the tangible. This series is a tribute-my vision of the city as talismen. A humble attempt to illustrate the euphoric nightmare- the blissful marriage of the devil and the saint. If you live in New Orleans this work is specifically about you. It's about me BECAUSE I live in New Orleans. We are all animals, we are all human, we are all falible and ultimatly we are all searching for happiness. If, as I do, you LOVE New Orleans this work is dedicated to you. My hope is that you will see something you recognize, it will connect you to something you love and remind you how much you love New Orleans. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I would love to hear from you. X tamar